Apple Keynote summary

Apple Keynote Summary – 2018

Everything you need to know about Apples new product line up, the Apple keynote Summary:

The Apple keynote summary is going to be about…

…the new iPhones, that now have 3 models,

and the new Apple watch series 4


iPhone XS ($999)-

This iPhone is pretty much an upgraded version of the iPhone X we already know,

It has a better camera and bigger storage options, but there aren’t too many differences between the phones

iPhone XS Plus ($1099)-

This is what everyone has been waiting for, a bigger version of the iPhone X,

…I say, iPhone X because spec wise it’s almost unnoticeable when you would use it,

but some of the things that are there are a better camera, longer battery life, and more storage

iPhone XR ($749)-

This phone is a budget phone, it has an LED display and cost $750,

This phone is actually worse than the iPhone X, The only thing it has over the iPhone X is the different colors implemented,

If you don’t care about the colors, then I would recommend just buying the iPhone X its the same price if you look on eBay

Apple Watch series 4:

Over here there are also not too many differences but here is a list of them:

  • Larger screen
  • almost bezel-less
  • some different watch screens
  • A bit more waterproof (not much)
  • Has an XL model now

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