what is apple tv

What is Apple TV?

What is Apple TV? It is basically a streaming device. You might have heard this before but what does it really mean? So you Apple TV can pretty much connect/stream anything that you can see on your Apple device. So here’s the gist of how it works.

You can connect your Apple device to your TV. So you can see everything that is happening on your Apple device on your television. You can stream from your iPhone, iPad, even Macbook.AIrplay - What is apple tv All you have to do is click the Airplay button, and then put it on “mirroring”. Once you have done that, your Apple device will get mirrored onto the tv.

You should keep in mind when buying the Apple TV that it only works with Apple. What this means is if you want to use any other device, like an android phone, or Windows laptop it will not work. Apple made it only work for Apple devices. So remember when buying this that you can only use Apple devices for this $150 device. If you want to buy the Apple TV click here (not an affiliate link).

If you want to see an unboxing of the Apple TV, to see exactly what you’re getting So if you decide to buy it there will be no unwanted surprises than watch this video. –>

This video shows you what is apple tv, by unboxing it, but the information is above in the article.

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