Ring Doorbell Review

Ring Doorbell Review

Security has taken a big leap in the past decade. One thing is knowing who is knocking on your door,

That’s where the Ring doorbell comes into play.

Ring is something that anyone can afford and can be a replacement for your current doorbell.

Ring Doorbell ReviewNow you might want to get someone to install it for you but it is actually quite simple.

They have a battery powered one and also a wired one that is connected to your house.

Depending on how your house was built you might need different ones.

Ring has made a video though for installing the battery powered one and also the other. It should take less than 20 minutes.

Onto what the Ring doorbell really is,

Ring is simply a doorbell that acts also as a security camera.

This way you can see whos at your door even when you’re not at home. You can talk to them and the can talk back.

This is definitely a cheap alternative to buying those thousand dollar video doorbells.

This Ring doorbell should only cost $99.

Ring also has an app that you can use all the features from and connect it to your doorbell.

I won’t go through all the features because then the article would never end.

I will say that it works with Amazon Alexa which is a smart speaker. The app also works with Apple’s IOS and Android as well.

All and all the ring doorbell can help keep your home a bit more safe and easy to handle, and it won’t even cost that much.

If you want to learn even more about the ring doorbell watch the video —>

If you decide you want to buy it click here.

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