how much ram do i need

How much RAM do I need?

How Much Ram do I need?

Depending on what you need your computer for you to need different amounts of RAM (Random Access Memory)

What 4 GB’s of Ram can get you:

How much RAM do I need for simple browsing? I would say 4 GB’s, but now 4 GB’s is definitely not enough to game let alone run big programs.

This amount of RAM is made for people who don’t use their computer a lot.

It’s for people who do light tasks with there computer and don’t have a lot of tabs open.

What 8 GB’s of Ram can get you:

8 GB’s of RAM can start to get you a good gaming experience. Maybe not the best, but pretty good.

You can also see you can have multiple tabs open at once. It can run difficult programs, but not all.

This would definitely be the standard now, and the recommended.

What 12 GB’s of Ram can get you:

12 GB’s of RAM can get you a good gaming experience. It also lets you open a good amount of tabs and the computer will still run well.

This is if you are a serious computer user and usually you don’t need more than this.

This amount of RAM can run big programs with minimal lag. It is overall a great amount if you want a strong computer.

What 16 GB’s of Ram can get you:

16 GB’s of RAM is the best of the best. It gives you a great gaming experience, and can run almost every program you throw at it.

It can even have 25 tabs open and still function at a fast speed. This is if you are really serious pc user.

I wouldn’t go up to 32 GB’s of Ram because at that point you just don’t need that much.

You can do a lot with this amount of RAM but I definitely would not go above this amount.

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