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Pixel 3 Rumors

What are the Pixel 3 Rumors,

Pixel 3 RumorsThe Pixel 2 was so great that everyone is already looking forward to the Pixel 3 rumors.

Google was able to accomplish having the best smartphone camera with only one lens.

Other smartphones weren’t nearly as good with even with 3 lenses!

This definitely makes me excited for the Pixel 3, but here are some of the top pixel 3 rumors floating around the internet:

Release date:

Many sources all say that the Pixel 3 will be released sometime in the middle of October.

This definitely makes sense because the Pixel 1, and Pixel 2 were both released in October.

Also, there is most likely still going to be unlocked Pixel 3 phones.


It is almost 100% that the new Pixel 3 will have a Snapdragon 845.

This will make the Pixel work much smoother, and faster.

If you want to learn more about the Snapdragon 845 watch this video:


Google might finally be releasing duel cameras.

This dual camera would be for the front-facing camera as well as the back camera.

Probably this will improve the camera quality even more than last years.

Possible 3rd device?:

It has been rumored for a while now that Google is working on a 3rd device.

Before the Pixel 2 was released everyone thought there would be a third device.

I personally don’t think they will release it this year.

Other people might disagree because they think that there will be a 3rd phone if that’s the case we have a lot to look forward to in October.


Android P is pretty much confirmed to be in the Pixel 3. This OS upgrade is definitely a major upgrade.

Some of the main features are power saving and AI.

To understand more about Android P watch this video:


A notch??! Pixel 3 is rumored to have a notch.

There will be an XL and normal sized one.

The XL is the one that is said to have a notch, this is because of early Pixel 3 case design, and Android P early developer release.

Wireless charging:

The Google devices have never had wireless charging, but Android P suggest that the Pixel 3 will have wireless charging!

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