How to get the old YouTube layout back

The new youtube is just not good for everyone, So how do you get the old youtube layout back…

This method of getting your old youtube layout back is fast, easy, and effective…

Step 1 –

Go to YouTube and press f12

old youtube layout - 1

Step 2 –

Click on the application tab

old youtube layout - 2

Step 3 –

Then click the cookies scroll down menu

old youtube layout - 3

Step 4 –

After that click the youtube link

old youtube layout - 4

Step 5 –

Then look for a line that says “PREF”

Step 6 –

In the Value tab double click the box, next to the line pref

old youtube layout - 5

Step 7 –

Right after the text, don’t even add a space paste this text:

&f6=43418 or &f6=8

Step 8 –

Then refresh the tab, and enjoy your beautiful, new old youtube layout!

old youtube layout

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  • Thank you, for sharing this information. It’s works and I’m so relieved that I’m not forced to use YouTube’s weak new layout. Thank you.

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