Old watches thing of the past?

Are old watches a thing of the past?

Two years ago, Apple unveiled a new product that shocked the masses. This time they created a watch that acts like a phone. This New Watch is now being produced by many companies an example being the Apple. Basically, this new watch allows someone to perform functions that would normally be done on their phones.  New watch

Some people think that this new watch is useless. This is because the normal watch is much smaller than the new watches and normally only used for checking time. Still, others believe this watch opens countless opportunities to the world.

Needless to say, this watch does open up many possibilities. For example, if you are in a location where a phone is impractical, you can simply do what you need on your watch. Also, the invention of these watches could possibly phase out both analog and digital watches as the technology gets better. Who knows they might even phase out phones as well.

It’s possible that this invention could one day not require the phone, and have even more features than it does now. Maybe, this could even open up the realm of cybernetics here on Earth. Apple watch’s have already made a big impact on society, and will only continue to do so in the future as the technology progresses.

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