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Back to School Laptop – LG Gram

The LG Gram is most definitely the best laptop you can get for school. It is light, easy to carry, and fast. It can hold many tabs at once and is great for taking notes. You can take it all over the school in your bag and you probably won’t even feel a difference. There is one downfall, the high price. To solve this instead of buying the 2018 version buy the 2017 version used and get it for much cheaper! lg gram 2017The 2017 version is just as good the only main downfall is the webcam location. Most people don’t use the webcam but it is something to know before buying. This laptop is recommended by some of the top tech reviewers, and of course me. You can even get an LG Gram with a touch id sensor to get in and out quickly. From class to class this laptop can handle the wear. It’s great for reading, writing, notes, web browsing, research, doing your projects all in one place, and so much more. This is by far the best back to school laptop on the market.

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  • It looks like a pretty sturdy laptop and I would be very interested in buying if I was on the lookout, maybe the start of next year.

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