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Kindle Oasis Review

Are you a bookworm? Well, then the Kindle Oasis might be right for you. If you already have a kindle library this is definitely for you, but if your starting a new Kindle library this would definitely be the top of the top to buy with not such a high price.

Kindle OasisTo give a little description of it, it has two buttons for going forward and back in a book. The Kindle Oasis is very customizable so you could change the placement of the buttons if you wish. It also has a little bump thing on the back which takes a while to get used to but once you get used to it, it’s really comfortable. You can hold it to your left or right depending if your a righty, or lefty. You can even hold it on landscape mode (horizontally) which makes it super cool to read comics.

Because the text is in black and white It lasts a very long time so you don’t have to charge it much. But the display is truly fantastic, you can even invert the colors if you wish. You can even change the font!

But the number 1 reason to buy this or to buy any other e-reader is the notorious e ink feature. This e ink makes it look like your reading from an actual book and no matter if the sun is on it or not it’s still super easy to read. although I wouldn’t recommend opening a pdf on this device because its a little twitchy with that. But this kindle is specifically great at syncing books to your kindle.

Amazon kindle logo - Kindle Oasis ReviewAnother cool trick that I learned was when your reading books put it on airplane mode and you save a ton of battery. I would say using this method you can read 1500 pages every ⅓ of your battery power, that’s 4500 pages on a full charge! It’s also crazy good for beaches because it’s waterproof (ipx8)!

This might be a bit more expensive than most kindles but to be fair it is the only kindle out there to be waterproofed. It is also the only Kindle that looks remotely good, and it has the biggest display out of them all. This Kindle oasis is definitely targeted towards serious readers as it costs $350, but I still would recommend this because it is so high quality.

If you want to buy the model I reviewed here then click here (affiliate link).

If you want to get the price down a little to $250 you would have to make it 8GB instead of 32GB. It would also be a wifi only model with Amazon ads on the home screen.  Not to bring this model down because it’s still really good if you’re not so sure about how much you want to read. So if you want to buy this model click here (affiliate link).Amazon Kindles - Kindle Oasis Review

And lastly, if you really are starting out and you don’t want to spend barely any money. You can get the bare minimum paperwhite for $120. I don’t not recommend its still good and has the anti-glare feature. But not nearly as good as the kindle Oasis, I personally would definitely invest the extra $100. But if you decide to buy the Kindle Paperwhite for $120 you can click here (affiliate link).

If you decide to buy any of these products that I recommended you need the Kindle app. Even if you don’t buy any of the things I recommended. Let’s say you just decide just to download the Kindle app on your tablet. Without any of the cool features, you still need the Kindle app to read all the books. Please use this link to sign up here (affiliate link).

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