What is the IOS operating system

IOS, A clean simple operating system.

IOS is an operating system used by the company Apple which use it for the iPhone product line. It can be very easy for people to use and is known for its high-quality hardware and software. If you were to get an IOS driven device, then I would recommend getting not the latest iPhone. Maybe get a device from a year or two before. I say this because usually, iPhones are very expensive when they first come out, But if you love IOS than it’s worth it. IOS/Apple has a minimalist view of the products. They try to make it as easy as possible and simple. applelogoThey believe in the saying “less is more” which they constantly show their customers. An example would be when they took out the headphone jack. Apple was then pushing everyone to start to make good wireless headphones. This viewpoint can let you know what is to come in the future. So what are the future products? This viewpoint can tell you the general direction that Apple is going. IOS is also known for the airdrop feature. The airdrop feature makes it easy to transfer files and photos through Apple devices. They are also known for its MacBooks, iMacs, iPods, and much more. They have MacOS which is similar to IOS. Another thing that apple ios is known for is the connection with apple tv. Apple tv lets you stream whatever is on your iPhone to your tv or another device. Apple is known for many things, but I covered just a small part of Apple. If you want me to write another article about Apple, then be sure to comment it in the comment section.  

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