Google Pixel Buds

Google Pixel Buds

Google has always been a high-quality type of company. They have taken are taking over so many different things, first software and now hardware. Now they are rapidly expanding their product line and catching up. Like when they made the Pixel 2, Project Fi or even there wifi system, but more specifically the Google Pixel buds.

You can say Google Pixel buds is competing with Apple Airpods. Apple has a lot of experience with hardware.

To be fair hardware is apple’s expertise, while Google’s expertise is the software. That’s why Google’s, Pixel 2 has the overall best software from any Android device.

They’re both playing catch up, Google working on hardware and Apple working on software.

Google logo - Google Pixel buds articleThe Google pixel buds are good earbuds, but I can’t say there the best. Something about the whole product just feels experimental.

Their new translation feature, yes its cool it’s new but it’s not finished.

The wireless pixel buds have a cord, might change but still, this does feel like just the start.

This will be the start of Google working on wireless earbuds.

Just because this seems like a starting product does not mean it is bad.Google Pixel Buds These earbuds are very high quality because that’s what Google prides themselves in.

This is still a very good product that would be worth purchasing, maybe not at there current price point at $160.

But it is still a good thing to keep in mind if the price drops or maybe the next Google Pixel Buds come out.

The current Google Pixel Buds are not that bad. So to start the review process, the Pixel Buds have tons of features like:

  1. The Google assistant that is embedded into the Pixel Buds
  2. You can take phone calls from the Pixel Buds
  3. Fast pairing to the phone (works on IOS as well)
  4. Long lasting battery

And so much more, these are maybe not the best but that’s because there just getting started.

There is a lot to be looking forward to,

but if you want to get one of these cool Pixel buds click here.

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