Google pixel 2

Google pixel 2 – should you still buy it?

The google pixel 2, is it still worth it now? After all the other phones that came out and rumors saying that the Google pixel 3 will be coming out sometime in October. you might ask your self is it still worth it?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, it is definitely still a quality product, and yes it still fairs well against current new phones. The new Oneplus 6, or the Samsung S9. The Google Pixel 2 still does well against them. So just because it is older, definitely does not mean it is still not good. Google prides them selfs in there quality. If you look at there Chromebook pixel 2013 Chromebook. It still seems better than some Chromebooks in 2018.

Now I would wait to buy the Google Pixel 2 until the Pixel 3 comes out so the price will drop. But if you are debating on buying the Pixel 2 or some other new phone that just came out like the OnePlus 6. I would say to buy the Pixel 2 it by far has the best camera, and has the best software on any android phone. This is because Google makes the software for Android, so obviously, their software will be the best.Google pixel 2 setup

If you were to buy a Pixel 2 now it would cost only $559 UNLOCKED!

If you were to buy a Pixel 2 XL now it would cost only $838 UNLOCKED!



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