Google I/O 2018

Google I/O 2018 recap

Most of this year’s Google I/O was focused on…

…AI. I will be talking just about the basics of what happened. But if you want to watch the whole Google I/O keynote than look here –> 

Smart compose-

This feature is in Gmail where it uses Artificial intelligence (AI) to suggest things to say based on who you are emailing.

To use this you just press the tab compose google i/o

Google Photos new features:


Google recommends you share a photo that was taken with a person that is in the photo.

So an example would be, you have 3 friends Jenny, Bob, and John. You, John, and Jenny take a picture together then Google recommends sharing it with John and Jenny with just the press of a button.

Light fixture-

Google photos can help adjust the brightness of your photo if it thinks your brightness is not fully correct.

The biggest feature is if you have an old black and white photo, you can change it to color with just one click.

Another great feature is let’s say you took a picture of your friend Jenny, you can make the background gray and she still stays in color so the person pops out more.

Google lens-

Google lens will be incorporated in the camera app. This way you can use it on anything you see or take a picture lens - google i/o

Google assistant:

  • They are adding 6 new voices!
  • Continued conversation, it is a feature that lets you do not have to say “Hey, Google” or “Ok, Google” every time you want to activate google assistant on your phone or smart device like google home. This feature lets you say “Hey, Google” and it never stops to listen until you say “Stop” or “Thanks” that way you can have a conversation without constantly having to say Hey Google.Google I/O - google assistant continued conversation

Google Duplex:

This is one of the most profound things that has been shown in Google I/O. It is truly revolutionary.

It is a feature within google assistant. An example of it working would be you want to set up an appointment but you have to call them to set the appointment.

What Google duplex does is act like you and sets the appointment according to when you told the assistant to set it up.

If you want to see a demo of it in action look here –>


This is the self-driving car that Google has been working on for a very long time. It will eventually be open to the public to be used like uber or lyft.waymo google i/o

There are a lot more things in Google I/O that I haven’t completely covered if you want to watch the full Google I/O keynote than look here –>

If you want to watch the 14-minute recap video from “The Verge” look here ->

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