Google Home accessories

Google home accessories

Google Home and Google home minis are great smart speakers, but they are missing something. That is Google home accessories. The wiring might be difficult for the Google home mini, and the Google home only has one color, and Google home accessories change that!

How do you fix this?! 

The answer is quite simple, with there accessories. Now you might not have known that there were google home accessories at all, but there are. These accessories make the Google Home smart speaker experience so much better!

Now let’s get into what accessories are there.

Google Home accessoriesFirst off there is the Google home mini wall mount! This wall mount can be really helpful for space saving, and even showing off your Google home. If you buy it from the Google store it is only $15, and really effective. But if you buy it from Amazon it is a magnetic wall mount for only $10!

You can buy from Google here (The normal one for $15)

You can buy from Amazon here (The magnetic one for $10)

Google Home accessoriesIf you thought that was all the accessories for the Google home mini you are mistaken. There is another mount feature which is super cool and convenient. This mount is actually from an outlet! This makes it super easy to put your Google home mini pretty much anywhere. Not only does it save space, but it is also cheaper than the wall mount, priced at $9.

You can buy the Google home mini wall mount here ($9)

Google Home accessoriesNow onto some Google home accessories. This one is super cool, you can change the color of the bottom of the Google Home. You could get a Coral colored fabric one, or even Metal one colored as copper or carbon black. Whats great about this is you can change it at any time, and make it look even cooler. You can even make the top part look like wood with a hard case cover.

To buy the wooden hard case cover click here ($15)

To buy the Coral fabric Google home base click here ($20)

In the Google store these would cost $40 each, but here it is $35 each:

Carbon metal Google home base – here

Copper metal Google home base – here

All in all, Google home, and home minis are much better with accessories. Not only does it enhance the experience but it only helps save space. These extra things might cost a bit more money, but from personal experience, it is definitely worth it.

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