Google clips at work

What is Google’s new, Google Clips?

If you have no idea what Google Clips is, or just want to learn a little bit more about what it is you are in the right place.

Google Clips is one of Google products. Google has been really getting interested in AI the past couple of years. Mostly Now you could definitely tell in Google I/O’s annual keynote where they speak about what’s to come with Google technology. The 2018 conference was mostly speaking about AI.

Now how does that correlate to Google Clips? It’s Simple, Google Clips is an AI (Artificial intelligence) device. But the real question is,

What does Google clips do?

The answer to that is simple. Google clips use AI to capture moments that you probably could not capture. The real question is how does it do it. The answer to that is also simple. You put the google clips, Google ClipsOn a table or mounted on something and direct the camera to something that you think might have action occur there. Maybe your living room, something might happen unexpected and you just wish you caught it on camera. But the experience just wouldn’t be the same if it was on camera. This device can detect when action is happening, and it captures it. It is shown on there app on the IOS app store or ANDROID app store, they both work. And you can decide whether you want to keep or discard it from that app.

Now let’s say you want this google clips wherever you are going, so you never miss capturing the action. You can simply clip it on to your shirt, belt, or really whatever you would like with the clip on the back of the device.

This is a truly revolutionary device, and it is targeted for people who want to capture those moments that you wish were on camera.

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