Chromecast vs Chromecast Ultra

Chromecast vs Chromecast Ultra

Chromecast vs Chromecast Ultra, what is the difference, and what is better?

You might have read my article about chromecast, but what is chromecast ultra? Chromecast Ultra is $69 against the regular chromecast at $35, that’s almost double the price. That was just so you understand the price difference between the 2 so you can make an educated purchase if you decide to buy one of these. First, I have to explain what exactly a Chromecast Ultra is.

Chromecast Ultra - Chromecast vs Chromecast UltraThe Chromecast Ultra is basically the same thing as a Chromecast but it can stream 4k. So basically it can input 4k video quality to the television from your device. This can be really helpful if you want some really good quality stuff for your tv.

Who would win in this competition of Chromecast vs Chromecast Ultra? I would have to say the Chromecast because it appeals to most people. The Chromecast Ultra is only for a small set of people when the Chromecast can appeal to most everyone.

I would recommend to most people to buy the regular Chromecast if you are not considering Apple TV. To read about Apple TV click here. And to read about Chromecast vs Apple TV click here.

If you decide you want high-quality 4k video on your tv and decide to buy the Chromecast Ultra anyways there are a few things you should know.

chromecast vs chromecast ultra - chromecast1- The Chromecast Ultra doesn’t turn your video into 4k

2- You need a TV that is capable to show 4k video for it to display

3- Not every video is 4k so you might not be able to use this feature all the time

The choice is yours for what you want to buy,

To buy the Chromecast click here ($35)

To buy the Chromecast Ultra click here ($69)

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