chromecast vs apple tv

Chromecast vs Apple TV

Chromecast vs Apple TV, Which is better:

To understand what is better and what you should buy you need to know both sides…

…The Chromecast and Apple TV both have the same purpose, to steam. But what does that really mean?

The Apple TV streams in a way that you see everything that happens on your Apple device. What is apple tv

Which can be helpful, because you see everything on your device streaming to the TV.

This means that you can see anything on the TV that you want. If you want to learn more about Apple TV click here.

If you look at Chromecast it has the same purpose but does it differently. The chromecast only streams certain things, not the whole device.what is chromecast

Yes, this can be looked as a downfall but really the chromecast works way faster than Apple TV.

And sure you might not be able to initially stream everything with chromecast. But there are apps that help let you stream anything you want to the TV with your Chromercast!

Don’t forget to keep in mind Apple TV costs $150, compared to Chomecast costing $35. If you want to learn more about Chromecast click here.

So what is the answer?

Chromecast vs Apple TV which is better.

The answer is…

…It’s your choice.

You can choose the Apple TV but it costs more, works slower, and only works with Apple devices, but also is great because it streams everything onto the tv.

Compared to the Chromecast which is a lot cheaper, streams to TV much faster with no lag, but cant initially stream everything. The choice is yours…

Click here to buy Chromecast — $35

Click here to buy Apple TV — $150

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