Apple WWDC 2018 Recap

Apple WWDC 2018 Recap

Most of this year’s Apple WWDC was focused on…

…Software. I will be talking just about the basics of what happened and summarizing it. But if you want to watch the whole Apple WWDC keynote than look here –>


IOS 12 will be coming out for most devices, even dating back to the iPhone 6. This update will help apps run faster, and much better CPU performance.


Augmented Reality-

Augmented Reality - Apple WWDC 2018 recapThe Camera app has taken a huge jump in IOS 12.

There is going to be augmented virtuality that you can even interact with other devices, and have a shared experience.

An example would be 3 or 4 people playing the same augmented reality game.

Measure app-

Embedded into the camera app is now some kind of measuring tape.

Measure app - Apple WWDC 2018 recapYou can use the camera and see the length of whatever you decide to point it at.

This can definitely be helpful, an example being you forgot your measuring tape.

There are definitely apps already like this out there, but it’s nice to see Apple creating and embedding new features.


There are new animoji’s! There is Koala bear, tiger, T-Rex, Ghost and much more.

Animoji - Apple WWDC 2018 recapBut the coolest on is there’s an animoji that can look like you!

Apple has actually made this processes pretty in depth. You can choose different glasses, sunglasses… You can really make it look like you.

Sleep mode:

This makes it to where you won’t lose tons of battery during the night, which has been a problem for many people.

The other feature is it turns off notifications. This way you won’t get spammed with loud notifications when your trying to sleep.


This is definitely one of the smaller ones, but very effective and helpful. This new software update groups your notifications.

So instead of being bombarded with 50 text messages in your notification tab. It will on show as one that you can open up if you desire.


Facetime group chat - Apple WWDC 2018 recapFacetime is always a great way to communicate with your friends and see each other.

Apple now made it possible to make a facetime call with 32 people at once!

Settings software updates:

App usage-

Apple has tried to make your software experience a lot more quality.

To do that made a very in-depth apps usage tab in the settings. You can even check the app usage for your kids if you want.

Limit applications-

You can set time limits to how much you can use an application.

App usage - Apple WWDC 2018 recapLet’s say you can set it to where you can only use a certain app for 1 hour a day.

You can even set it to where you can only use it every 30 minutes (or any other time).


There are a lot more things in WWDC that I haven’t completely covered if you want to watch the full Apple WWDC keynote than look here –>


If you want to watch the 14-minute recap video from “The Verge” look here ->

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