The apple ecosystem

The Apple Ecosystem

You might have heard this term before, but what does it mean? You might ask you Apple friends “WHY, Why are you with Apple!?!” and there answer probably goes along the terms of “eh, uh, eh…. The Apple Ecosystem”. Yes, there are other reasons like they got used to the operating system, but let’s get into the main topic.

What is this Apple Ecosystem?

applelogoThe Apple ecosystem is basically something that Apple created to get you to stay loyal to Apple. Here are a couple of examples, iMessage games can only be used via iPhones, and Facetime can only be used via iPhones. This is just small things that Apple did to make you stay with Apple. So if you were thinking of switching phones than you would have to know that you’re sacrificing these things because everyone else you know has an iPhone as well. This way you would have to convince all of your friends to switch to Android so you could switch which is a very low possibility that, that will happen.

The second part of the Apple ecosystem is their product line. You might already have an iPhone but then you are wanting a smartwatch obviously you choose the Apple watch. It’s the easy decision, you don’t even have second thoughts. Then you decide you want some wireless earbuds and Airpods work great with Apple. The other competitors simply just don’t work as well on IOS. Then maybe you decide to get a smart speaker but why get Alexa or google home when you can get the home pod. These are just some simple examples the list goes on and on.

The real question is what do you do when you decide to ever switch to Android or any different phone? The answer is simple, you can’t. Apple made it so you cant and here’s why.

Let’s start at the beginning, your Apple watch only works with iPhones. Even your smart speaker only works with Apple music and more specifically only iPhones. That’s not it, let’s look at your earbuds they work with other phones but they don’t nearly have as many features on the other phones as they do on the iPhone. To learn more about that click here.Apple Ecosystem My point is they make it very difficult to change your phone. This is because when you’re deciding to now change your phone your really deciding to change everything.

That’s how Apple gets you sucked in, its only one thing that leads to another and to another. You might even just have one extra item like the Apple watch but there’s no way you’re going to throw away your apple watch just to change a phone, so you decide to stay with apple just a bit longer.

My recommendation if you really want to get out of this loop is to just sell all your Apple products and buy different ones. Like you might sell your Macbook and get a Dell laptop instead or sell you home pod to get a google home max and the list goes on. This is truly how Apple is still afloat. They make phones that have lower specs than all the other flagship new phones and are even more expensive yet they still end up making the same amount of sales if not more.

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