How to get an Apple Discount!

There is not 1 Apple discount  to be found in the world other than these 3 I’m about to tell you about,

That is if you want to get it from the apple discount from the Apple store. Obviously, you can buy it used from someone else for cheaper.

But if you want to buy it from Apple, new, here’s what you have to do…

Strategy number one:

If you go to the Apple website and scroll all the way down you should see “Refurbished and Clearance“.

apple refurbished

When you click this it will show you all the refurbished Apple items you can buy for up to a $400 Apple discount!

You might think it will lower quality. Usually, they are still very good quality. They are just unwanted presents or something someone didn’t want.

Apple has a “Certified Apple Quality” tag on all of the refurbished items.

So don’t worry, it is guaranteed that it will be of great quality.

Strategy number two:

If you go to the Apple website and scroll all the way down you should see “Student Discount“.


When you click this it will show you all the Apple products that are available for a student discount.

You can get up to a $400 Apple discount for this discount type.

This can apply to teachers, professors, college students, college parents… and the list goes on.

These are great products and the same quality as any other product. So if you fall under any of these categories that you should go check it out.

If you’re not sure then just check their policy on who qualifies here.

Strategy number three:

Simple, get a job at Apple. To apply scroll all the way down, and you should see “Job Opportunities

apple job

This method might be common sense but most people don’t think about it. You can work at Apple even when your a teenager at there store, and get there discount.

So if you truly love Apple and looking to save a few bucks. Then I would recommend applying for a job and using the employee discount.

But I also would not recommend working at a job you do not like. So if you are just doing this for the discount I can’t recommend this method.

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