Apple airpods

Apple Airpods

The Apple Airpods, earbuds that are completely wireless. Is it worth it? It passes the $100 barrier and has a price similar to the Google Pixel Buds. If you want to learn more about the Google Pixel Buds go here. The Airpods you can say has Google has its competition, but obviously, Apple is better at hardware than Google.Apple airpods png

Google is playing catch up when it comes to the earbuds market. Apple has by far made the best wireless headphones, but is it worth the price?

To start off Airpods really fit most anyone, but they don’t have the custom tips you might find in other wireless earbuds.

But there is one giant downfall that Apple carries in every product they have, and this product is no exception. What is this giant downfall, and its simple its compatibility?

Yes, it works perfectly with Apple devices and has all the features but on other devices, it simply just does not work. The pairing is difficult, and it does not have nearly as many features as it would have on an iPhone. That’s Apple’s goal to make it exclusive to the iPhone so you would want to move to it, or its to keep you in the loop of the Apple ecosystem. If you want to learn exactly what the Apple ecosystem is, look here.

Let’s say you do have an iPhone what do you get?

  1. Access to Siri ( not that it’s that good or anything compared to google assistant )
  2. Extremely easy automatic connection to your iPhone, iPad, Macbook…
  3. Apple maps
  4. Very good mic
  5. Control of music volume, and play and pause
  6. Long battery life

Let’s say you don’t have an iPhone? You can still use the Apple Airpods, but it most definitely does not have all those features.

  1. It does not have google assistant or Siri on a different phone
  2. The Connection is not so easy, but once you do it once it usually gets easier
  3. Still has a good mic
  4. You can’t control music volume and play and pause from the earpiece, you would have to do that from your phone
  5. Still has a long lasting battery life

With all that being said it is still a good pair of wireless earbuds for any phone. It is just better on the iPhone because they want to suck you into their “Apple Ecosystem”. But if you want to buy the Apple Airpods no matter for an iPhone or for a different phone click here (not an affiliate link).

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