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Amazon Cloud Cam Review

amazon cloud cam - whats in boxAmazon Cloud Cam, it’s no surprise its excelling. Do it yourself security systems are getting more and more popular, especially because the prices are really low. The Amazon Cloud Cam comes with the following: 

  • The Camera
  • wall adapter
  • 9-foot long power cord
  • wall mounting bracket and tools

The Amazon Cloud Cam itself has some cool features too. One of them being a 360 degrees hinge for flexibility. On the back of the camera, there’s the power port, as well as the speaker and mic. It even has night vision so you can see at night! The night vision feature works with infrared lighting. It doesn’t have very good quality but it does show you the gist of what is happening.

Another cool feature is it is compatible with Amazon Alexa! Which means you can easily connect your camera feed to the TV with Amazon’s fire tv. They even made an app where you can see the camera feed live and also there is a 2-way audio capability. You can talk to and here the people by the camera.

amazon cloud camSome of the cool features in the app are person or motion detection. This gives you a notification every time it sees a person. You can also turn on motion detection to give you a notification whenever there is a motion. So you don’t get a crazy amount of notifications they made a feature to where you can get the notifications every 30 minutes, hourly, every 4 hours, daily… and the list goes on. Of course, you can still set it to every single time an action occurs but I would recommend setting it for every 4 hours.

You can also make it to where when you are at home the camera doesn’t work, or you can keep it working, your choice. One more feature is that if you have multiple cameras. You can name each camera for where it is in the house to help you keep track. Since it is so cheap for a security camera you could buy more than one and not end up cloud cam

One of my favorite features is the motion detection, but you might ask would happen if it’s in the living room and it sees the tv going on? The app can actually designate a certain area to ignore motion detection there. Now there are way too many features to describe here so I’ll just cut to the end.

The Amazon cloud cam is obviously not the best security camera out there but it is still a really good one. It sure gives the other higher quality ones a run for their money, but really all you need for your house is this camera. You can buy more camera’s with this one because it only costs $120 per camera when other cameras cost double that if not more. 

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