Airpods vs Pixel Buds

Airpods vs Pixel Buds

Airpods vs Pixel Buds, which is better?

You might ask yourself when buying wireless earbuds, Apple’s Airpods vs Google’s Pixel Buds, which is better?

Obviously, you would look at these 2 because they are the biggest competitors currently.

The answer to your question is Airpods. They win this battle with flying colors and here’s why…

…Google doesn’t want to say this but Google pixel buds are a prototype.

Most of its features are experimental, and they’re not even fully wireless. Don’t get me wrong, Google has great products but everyone has to start somewhere.

Airpods vs Pixel BudsApple is known for having their amazing hardware, and Google is known for their amazing software.

That is why Apple is currently winning the wireless earbuds game.

But as time goes on and Google catches up with Apple’s hardware, Google might be able to take over the wireless earbuds market.

Overall currently I would suggest reading my article about the airpods here. Then you can decide whether to buy it or not.

If you are already set on buying it you can click here.

If we’re looking at the Google pixel buds, it’s still better than most wireless earbuds. It is also pretty good and has nice features, but I would not say it is worth what they priced it at.

To conclude, Airpods vs Pixel buds, Airpods win currently.

This is because of multiple reasons, but if you would like to read the article about the google pixel buds click here, and the airpods click here.

In there future, I think there will be some serious competition between Apple and Google’s wireless earbuds.

So there is definitely something to look forward to.

To buy Apple Airpods click  – here

To buy Google Pixel Buds click – here

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