Smartwatch – Garmin Vivofit 3 Review

To compare this smartwatch against other smartwatches on the market. The other smartwatches have touch screens and a lot more features. This also makes it come with a high price, but don’t forget you have to charge it weekly if you don’t use it that much.


The Garmin vivofit three does not have to be charged for a whole year, and that’s when you use it a lot. Another thing smartwatches have is waterproofing for rain. Garmin can go underwater with you and still be working. The Garmin vivofit was made to be a more affordable smartwatch that tracks your steps, your sleep, your workout, your swimming… at a low price. It first came out with the price of $100, now you can find the watch for $48. The vivofit three can most definitely accommodate every person and might be a good stepping stone into the smartwatch world. Great for people who are athletes, because this watch is super light and tracks pretty much everything. It is also good for normal people because of how light it is and how it functions. I could most definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a watch or smartwatch.

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