Right phone for you

How to choose the right phone for you

What is the right phone for you? simple,

The first thing you need to take into consideration is the operating system, there are 2 main operating systems in the phone market, IOS, and ANDROID. If you already have a phone then you likely already have a preference on what phone to get.

To address the current IOS users looking to get a new phone I advise that you try and adjust to ANDROID’S operating system. It is not restricted to only one phone product line like in IOS where the only phone in the IOS operating system product line is the iPhone series. It also tends to have lower specs (specifications) than an android phone and the iPhone series also tends to cost more than ANDROID phones.

To address the current ANDROID users you should stay with ANDROID it offers many different competitors in the operating system like the Google pixel series, the one plus series, HTC series, Samsung series and the list goes on. Competitors mean the customers get a better product that’s why it always seems ANDROID phones are always one step ahead of IOS phones

To address new phone users looking to find what phone is right for them I would suggest getting used to the ANDROID system because if you start getting used to apples IOS system which I’m not an Apple hater, their system and phones aren’t bad but their ridiculously overpriced because people get sucked into the “Apple Ecosystem” which you might or might not have heard of but the Apple Ecosystem is where Apple gets you used to their phone, then you buy there apple watch, which you guessed it only works with Apple phones, then you might decide to buy a speaker from apple the Home pod that only works with apple phones and even only works with apple music.

Now let’s say just with these two items you bought from apple you want to switch to a better phone that uses ANDROID, you can’t because your Apple watch doesn’t work with it, and neither does your home pod it only works with Apple devices and even if it did work with an ANDROID device it only works with apple music so when you want to upgrade your phone its either, throw away or sell all your current accessories or just continue buying the overpriced phones from Apple and let them use you and suck you deeper into there Apple Ecosystem.

To get into what phone is right for you there are multiple options that you can choose

1- Buy the newest best phone on the market at a high price.

2- Buy the newest best phone on the market but you buy it used for a bit of a lower price.

3- You buy a 1-year-old model new for a decent amount of money.

4- You buy a 1-year-old model used for a low amount of money.

And this list goes on to two-year models used and new… it really depends on what you’re using it for. Most people don’t need the newest version of the phone and just buy because of all the cool features. Which I can understand, but if you wait a year you can have all those cool features. So instead of buying a $650 phone like the Google pixel 2’s starting price. You can decide to wait until the Google pixel 3 comes out. To then buy the Google pixel 2 new for $400 or used for $300. Maybe even $200 and just think about how much you can save that way. You can save $450 and use that money on whatever you want. That could be an investment, a startup, or maybe just something that you’ve been wanting to buy but just didn’t have enough money to buy it.

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  • Again. I can agree with this but do believe it is slightly bias. I have only ever owned to android phones so my opinion is bias too. Personally I find apple phones easier to use and I have an easier time navigating them, whereas androids I’d even just find it difficult getting between apps.

    I have never once owned an apple accessory so I don’t have the problem with the difference but can completely understand why that would be difficult.

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